Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Greatness Of Sports

Just like almost every other red-blooded American male, I love my sports. I love my football, hockey, baseball and the sometimes other random sport I stumble across during channel surfing. Sports in my mind are great because well it sports. It gives families a chance to sit and bond. I think one of the greatest things a family can do is go and catch a ball game. There is nothing quite like a baseball game and a ballpark hot dog.

I am lucky enough to me married to a girl who loves sports too, at least baseball anyways. She loves football too but she is more of a baseball chic. I truly enjoy watching sports and going to the games with her. I have also shared some of best sports memories with her. One was the multiple overtime playoff game when the Stars beat the Sharks to go on and play the Red Wings in the conference finals. That was my first playoff game of any kind. There is also last years Ranger win over the Yankees in the ALCS and even though she beat playing fantasy football with her last year.

My daughter also has the love of sports, she loves to watch the Rangers, Aggies and Cowboys game with daddy. She can name most the Rangers. It makes me oh so proud and I try to cherish all those moments I have with her. I only hope she never outgrows her love of the sports. That way we will always have that to share. I cant wait to start watching sport with my youngest Witten (yes he is named after the tight-end) again the greatness of sports. He is going to be a big boy and I cant wait to watch him in his futures sports endeavours.

Sports are also great because if you are like me then when your team wins or if they are winning. Then you are happy and feeling the joy that you think your team is feeling. But that also brings the low of feeling the loss and just being mad as mad can be when they make a bonehead play. Like a blocked punt for TD to tie the game and then a interception to give the other team the go ahead field goal. But there is nothing like watching any kind of game and eating some grub.

Sports are also one those things most guys can always talk about. Since most guys don't talk about feelings and things of that sort,. But just to get a little off-topic that is where a class like the Quest for Authentic Manhood. It can really help open a guy to being able to talk about more than the just the small stuff. I would highly recommend it any and everyone.

So there you go that is why sports are so great in my mind anyways. Sports make for great family time. Sports make for awesome memories and just so much more. That's all for this time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little bit of everything

It s been a long while, since I have written a blog. I changed the name of the blog just to change it. This blog will be about whatever. I have gone back to school and I am pursuing a degree in religion, I want to be a student pastor. I am going to Liberty University online. I am pretty nervous and excited about going back to school. The 32 year old freshman at least its all online though so I wont be the old guy in class. I got to go on a mission trip this summer with the middle school kids form church. It was great to go and do God's work in Austin. I am also working with the church on the behind the scenes stuff. I love being at church and I also get the pleasure of teaching on Saturday nights at our church.

But to change the subject now I am going to try and redeem myself in fantasy football this year. My wife played last year and kicked my butt in our league Super Bowl. I hope I crush her this year. I love her but I need to make up for my short fall in last year's title game. Sticking with the sports theme now I am super pumped about playing flag football again at my church, I hope someone can take down the defending champs that have never lost a game. Hopefully its our team. I am also looking forward to another Rangers post season run. I think that's all I have for now.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed In yet again

So here it is day 4 of below freezing temps here in Keller, Texas. We all awoke to fresh new blanket of snow this Friday morning and after watching the news and seeing the highways were trash. I made the executive decision to stay home. Besides when you have an awesome family like mine who wouldn't want  an extra day at home. I am looking forward to having a snow day with my Rylan. I think I have seen more snow in the past year than I have in my whole life, I have really enjoyed it. It is a little sad to know that all this snow will go away soon and then it will be back to same old everyday work stuff. So now I wait to eat breakfast so I can be big kid and run play in the snow with my bay girl. I only hope it snows this much when Witten is old enough to really enjoy with it us. But to wrap it up I love the cold and am loving the extra time at home with the fam. That's all I got for now.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frozen In

So here is my second blog, I know it has been a while but that's the way it goes. I finished reading the 21days to a better you only it took me a little longer than 21 day to finally read it, but now I try to apply to everyday life. My lifegroup of 6th grade boys is going well, Wednesday nights are the one of the best my week. My wife and I are going to Planet Wisdom with our groups of kids and we are really looking forward to it. We took a class last weekend at FOTP about how to use your spiritual gifts in ministry and mine were prayer, healing and teaching. I really did not see the healing one coming though. I have also taken on teaching the main lesson on Sat nights in the MSM service at church. I really enjoy doing that so much I only hope that I am getting through to some of the kids.We are also going to look into going on or first mission trip this year, it all just depends the kids and PTO time. My son Witten was born on Nov 3rd and he is an awesome healthy bouncing baby boy and Rylan the girl is loving school, but the oldest son is a little lost right now we just pray for him to back to God. The wife have I also started the whole be healthy thing together too, you know all that eat better and work out every day mess. We are doing pretty well with it so far. But now for the title its has been below freezing here Texas since sometime Monday night and we got pounded with sleet and snow and now all the roads around here frozen solid hence the name frozen in. The car has been stuck twice just front of the house since Monday morning and it will not be above freezing till sometime Friday the kids have been out of school almost all week. I have not been into work for 2 days and now begins the debate of work tomorrow, I just have weigh the idiot to income ratio before I make my final choice. So till the the next time I hope everyone has a safe and blessed week.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First

So this is my first blog, this will be a blog about my growing faith and service to God and whatever else is going on in my life. I am 31 as clearly stated in my blog title, I have an awesome wife and 2 good kids and one on the way. My family and I started going to church in Jan of this year at FOTP in Keller. My wife and I both took the lord as our saviour during Lifequest 101 class in Feb then we were Baptized in April. I never really saw myself as a regular church goer till we found FOTP. I love going to church now, my wife and both serve in the MIddle School Ministry on Sat nights and it was the one of the highlights of my week. I also find myself with a great hunger for more wisdom of the Word and how to apply to my everyday life. I am taking the Quest For Aunthentic Manhood at church now, reading a book 21 days to a better you through Faith, Fitness and Food and have daily reading plans for the bible I do. I read one with my wife and one for me at work everyday. We aslo we be leading lifegroups for the miidleschool kids this year. I have 6th grade boys and I am looking very foward to it. I just hope I can help bring some of those boys to the Lord. Its awesome to feel and see God move in my life. Thats all I have for now. I hope everyone has a safe and happy blessed week.